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Mixed Farming

East of Bathurst
Dark Corner, Glanmire, Kirkconnell, Meadow Flat, Napoleon Reef, Sunny Corner, Walang, Yetholme
North East of Bathurst
Clear Creek, Crudine, Forest Grove, Ilford, Limekilns, Millah Murrah, Palmers Oaky, Turon, Windburndale, Yarras
North of Bathurst
Hill End, Peel, Sofala, Turondale, Wattle Flat, Wiagdon
North of Bathurst (Mount Rankin Area)
Billywillinga, Duramana, Mount Rankin
North West of Bathurst
Bruinbun, Freemantle, Gowan, Killongbutta, Milkers Flat, Rock Forest, Watton
South East of Bathurst (Brewongle/Tarana/O'Connell)
Brewongle, Gemalla, Locksley, OCONNELL, O'Connell, The Lagoon
South of Bathurst
Bald Ridge, Bathhampton, Charlton, Dog Rocks, Judds Creek, Mount David, Orton Park, Rockley, Rockley Mount, Wisemans Creek
South of Bathurst (Perthville Area)
Cow Flat, Georges Plains, Perthville
South West of Bathurst
Caloola, Colo, Fitzgeralds Valley, Fosters Valley, Hobbys Yards, Paling Yards, Triangle Flat, Trunkey Creek, Wambool, Wimbledon
South West of Bathurst (Bathurst-Blayney)
Arkell, Evans Plains, Mitchell, Newbridge
West of Bathurst (Bathurst-Orange)
Dunkeld, Stewarts Mount, The Rocks, Vittoria

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